I have been to many hair events but never one as friendly as this.

I‘ve been a hairdresser for for 13 years and over the past 5 or so years I’ve had a fascination with barbering and it’s culture.

There’s a bit of arrogance that comes with a ‘hairdressing’ event. I’ve noticed that people only talk to each other if they previously already know them or if they’re looking for a good time after a few drinks. Barber Connect on the other hand was purely full of passionate barbers wanting to share their stories, experiences and most of all their passion.

I met so many talented and inspirational people on my journey at Barber Connect. One that I will never forget is @CUTTHROAT_GEORGE.  This kid is 6 months into his apprenticeship and is one super talented barber. If you’re on Instagram check him out.

Being amongst so many enthusiastic barbers made me realise how special our trade really is. It was like we were all going to war on the same team. Although most guys there compete for business, on that day it was all about teaching each other to grow.

I was undertaking the 10am slot on the Nomad Barber stand. Although I had a killer hangover, I was pumped to be the first one up. It meant I got to see most shows/presentations of the day. I was fortunate to rub shoulders with @KEVINLUCHMUN who is one dude that has changed the ways of Toni&Guy with his mad fades using clippers……that’s right fancy pants hair salons, you gotta know how to use your clippers just as good as your scissors. Even the bigger salons are jumping on the band wagon. But Kevin Luchmun was a barber first hence his incredible cutting and shaving skills. He is one humble dude that is forecasting mens fashion trends across the UK. He’s the dude that’s “responsible for the most Influential hair style in Britain” quoted The Sun (newspaper UK)

I also met The Scumbag Barbers of Rotterdam……Schorem Barbier. We barely talked hair, we discussed where the nearest bar was to get a beer. They were fascinated with the barber turn out and wanted to share their talent. They offered to cut The Nomad Barbers hair, which was awesome because he needed a good re-shape.

Finishing the day I got to watch the end of the Nomad Barbers presentation of his whole trip into condensed into a 30 minute clip. Word on the street is Europe will be the next chapter for the Nomad’s adventurer and I don’t think this will be a history lesson. I believe we are gonna see some shit hot barbers. A future force to be reckoned with.

Who’s up for Barber Connect 2015? For information like the British Barbers Association on Facebook

Yours truly

Ziyad Nicolas @ZIYADSALON