There we have it. All 3 heats wrapped up, the Grand Final has come and gone, and what a thrilling competition it was.

The amount of skill, passion and talent exhibited by our competitors grows every year, and we certainly don’t envy our judges! Stay with me as we run through our finalists and, at last, our Barber of the Year.

The first heat took place in Brisbane at Jimmy Rod’s Shave Saloon, and it seemed that half of Queensland’s barber scene showed up to support. The competition got off to a roaring start, with some classic techniques blended with real flair. Coming out on top was Xavier pina silva  of Jimmy Rod’s with his ultra-calm, collected styling.

The second heat took us to Sydney, where the best of NSW congregated in the new and beautifully kitted out TAFE Barber School. It was a close call, but ultimately the place in our Grand Final went to the precise and consistent France Khamees of Kings Domain Barbers.

Our final heat took place in Melbourne, a mere day before the Grand Final, at Jimmy Rod’s Highpoint Barbershop. There were fantastic vibes all night, with yet another great crowd lending their voices of support. The scores for this heat were exceptionally close, but the final place went to Kim Fuchs of Jimmy Rod’s.

At last, we come to the Grand Final at the Hair Expo. Three of Australia’s best barbers together on one stage, with two cuts standing between them and victory. First, the Freestyle cut; three completely different hairstyles with each competitors’ unique personality stamped on. Here we saw some of the best work in the entire competition, with our finalists pulling out every stop to win.

With that wrapped, they dived straight into the Scissor Cut to demonstrate their total mastery of an often overlooked skill. Though less spectacular than the Freestyle, there was true skill and attention to detail on display in this round.

With the cuts complete, the judges deliberated and came together to decide on our winner.

With no further ado, the Barber of the Year 2018 is France Khamees of Kings Domain Barbers in Sydney!

While all three competitors performed magnificently, France took the crown for his exacting attention to detail and unfailing professionalism; not a hair was out of place and his vision was perfectly realised.

We would like to offer our congratulations again to all competitors, and invite you to hone your skills for next year; any one of you could be our next champion.

Special thanks to our sponsors who made such a brilliant event possible:

Barber Brands International, for your support, use of your excellent range of products and some wonderful prizes.

Wahl Professional, for giving us the backing we needed to pull it all together, along with their own excellent prizes.

TAFE NSW and Jimmy Rod’s Barbershop, for providing three sterling venues and spreading the word.

Finally, the Hair Expo for hosting our incredible Grand Final.

We will return next year in the search for our Barber of the Year 2019!