Anthony Muirhead indulges his passion for adventure as a marketeer at the fore front of the motorcycle industry. It’s a gig that means he has his hands on the throttle of the industry at all times.

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of motorcycle communities and communal workshops around Australia all offering something distinctive from Melbourne’s The Kustom Kommune to all female groups such as Throttle Dolls.

One of these groups is called ‘The Custom Collective’. The group was established earlier this year with the goal of bringing together young Harley Davidson riders. I thought I’d investigate a bit more. “The people within The Custom Collective meet up through posting on social media, then we meet up at a pub or something and go for a ride,” the group’s Kahtsy told me. I decided to call in and joined the collective on one of their nights out to experience what it was all about. It’s important to note the social club is only in its infancy with less than 50 members. Even so, there were 10 people who showed up at Balmain’s East Village Hotel on a Tuesday for a burger, a beer and a ride.

It was a fascinating mish mash of characters. You simply COULD NOT have nailed down any of the guys that were there just by looking at them. We had it all from mechanics to business owners, blokes that were brought together by their passion for riding.

I pulled aside one of the founders and asked why he started the group. “I met one of the guys at the pub one night, and he had a Death Collective shirt on. I had just moved to Sydney and didn’t really know anyone in the area, so I thought it was a good way to bring together people who share the same passion.”

If you want to get involved keep an eye out on the Facebook or Instagram pages of the Collective, or on any others that may have sprung up since I penned this yarn. I won’t have time to monitor it myself, I’ve got a burger and beer to chow down before I head out to the Hunter Valley for a brap with the crew.