Covid created a few disasters, but also reinvigorated some creative thinking on how to survive. Having lost my business (entertainment producer) and loads of work.. it was side hustle time. I scored some work doing hair in aged care and it made me consider my options.

The idea of joining my passion of motorbike adventure and my old trade made sense. And the timing was right.

Introducing the idea of The Barbering Biker.

Currently sitting on a few desks of production houses and the long, arduous (who do I need to sleep with) task of getting broadcast time on TV. It’s a hard nut to crack. Excuse the puns! 

Not to worry. I’m doing it myself as an ‘Online’ series and I’m now looking for Pubs and perhaps quirky venues to start the idea.

I’m reaching out to anyone to help spread the word to pubs around the country or certainly NSW to start with. And if you are a fellow barber and are set up in the town I visit, you become part of the show. I’m not there to compete, I’m there to promote and create fun stories and a mini makeover with a local legend and tell the stories that makes Aussie towns what they are with a little pay it forward moment reveal at the end.

Here is the synopsis and a 56 sec example reel to show you what I mean.  Plus, attached info that can be shared about. 

The Barbering Biker – Synopsis: series.
With a distinctive larrikin Aussie flavour, our 60 plus year old granny hits the road on her highly customised show stopping motorbike searching out the locals at the Local. She wields her magic on one deserving recipient who has been “dobbed in”. 
Capturing points of interest, enlisting local businesses and learning a little about the town’s history.
The heart and soul of the Aussie town is found within its people and their stories. 
Chris discovers the bush telegraph is alive and well, as the recounting of tales from a community that proudly calls this town the ‘Best bloody place in Australia’.
A splash of controversy adds to the tall tales, where truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction. 
You just can’t write this stuff!
Good times, laughs and authentic cheeky banter, with a pay it forward heart-warming reveal like no other.

To show you what I do, here is a 56 sec reel.

The Barbering biker (Chris Keeble and Calamity Jane)  will be set up at the Barber Expo on Sunday 11 July.

Come say hi.

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