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If you’ve used a 7 inch scissor and thought things couldn’t get more efficient, think again. Osaka’s YWX scissor comes in at a whopping 7.5 inches and at less than $500 price tag, this is amazing value for money.  If you are looking to upgrade from a basic steel to Cobalt, this is for you. This VG-10 scissor comes in three sizing configurations (5.5, 6, 7.5) making it ideal for both hairdressing and barbering duties.

I personally use a 7.5 inch YWX primarily for scissor-over-comb duties and for beard trims. The exceptional length of the blades combined with the cutting power of the VG-10 steel makes this scissor one of my personal favourites. The offset handles with built in finger rest makes this a very comfortable scissors and even with such a large scissor they are balanced perfectly.


Kellie (Eeeka’s for Men & Women, Daisy Hill)

Insta: @eekas_hair

YWX 5.5

“These scissors definitely create the spice. The smoothness and comfort make these my favourite scissors to have. I can create any desired texture and style using these scissors.”

(PHOTO: Kellie_YWX.jpg)

Cian Gormley (Basement Barbers, Toowong)

Insta: @ciangormley98, @the_basement_brisbane

YWX 6.0

Wanting to upgrade, Cian was looking for a quality scissor that could provide years of service without breaking the bank. The price point and material of the YWX made this an obvious choice for Ross when showing Cian scissor options. “I’m really liking them!” exclaimed Cian when asked to sum up his first impressions of his new scissors.

(PHOTO: Cian_YWX.jpg)


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