Cutthroat Blogspot – Written by Eoin McCarthy

I’ve always been a pretty deep person. Not so deep that you wouldn’t want to hang out & have a few beers deep, but just that little deeper than surface-level deep. Maybe deep is the wrong word? I’m not even sure, but anyway, writing this blog through lockdown has been my form of therapy. A way of pouring out my thoughts & making sense of them. I would recommend you all to keep a diary of some sort, or even just write some thoughts down when you get them. It’s helped me rationalise everything & it’s also made me realise some them were trash & meant nothing. 

This week like every week I’ve learned some things. Even though I’m in the business of education & growth I’ve realised there are things that we all need to unlearn. I’ve always been the type to keep lists. A list of things I need to do, a list of goals, a list of things I need to learn & so on. To help me work through these lists I would study, read, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos but I would find myself continuing to make similar mistakes. This applies to all aspects of my life whether it be for personal growth, cutting hair, my relationship, my friendships & my beloved sport of cycling. Over time & particularly as of late I’ve realised I need to make another list. A list that is harder to create than any. A list of things I need to unlearn. 

I’ve found that we don’t only learn & grow through good things & knowledgable people, but we also learn through bad things & hard experiences. These things potentially teach us more. Whether these things come from bad experiences through childhood, a heartbreak you’ve experienced, toxic thoughts, toxic comments that people have made to you which have then curated toxic thoughts, bad habits that went unchecked for years – the list goes on… These are things we should actively try to unlearn.
If we want to reach our full potential in anything or any aspect of our lives we must have the strength to be our own biggest (constructive) critic. We need to have the self-awareness to realise that we are not perfect & that we are a work in progress. We need to realise that there are nonsensical things that have been drilled into our heads that affect the way we live today. Things that are fundamentally untrue. That person who told you that you can’t. That person that made you feel you were inferior, that you are incapable. That person who put limits on YOUR life! F*ck that person! Take control of your life. Unlearn these traits.
In a nutshell, these are bullshit delusion incorrect ideas that are self-destructive if you do not unlearn them. They will hold you back more than lessons you can learn will take you forward. 
So what have you got to unlearn?