It was like I’d walked into a scene from Coming To America with Eddie Murphy: a room full of African American barbers spinning the jokes as they wielded their scissors in perfect time. This barbershop is a precision machine of jovial craftsmen.

I was lucky to find one of the oldest running barbershops in the southeastern United States of America right at the start of my search. Owner Herb has three barber shops all on the same block: a traditional barbershop called Vintage, an classy salon and a studio where he does regular photo shoots and make overs.

Strange visitors
Vintage is a very cool barber business, fitted out with great relics from the past and having six barbers cutting at a dedicated vintage station. I reckon I startled them as I trudged through with my family – it was definitely a place where white girls are not often found. But once I shared some copies of the latest issue, we were accepted with joy and handshakes.

Herb’s three businesses are located in the old Healy Building, which was the last major skyscraper built during the first great burst of multi-story commercial construction preceding World War I. Where once it only housed office and retail, now businesses occupy it as well as upmarket condominiums. The original barbershop was located in the foyer area of this prestigious building: there are strong echoes of the past with Vintage’s fulltime shoe shine station which was always a part of a traditional barbershop.

In demand
Each of the barbers working at Vintage were renowned throughout the state for their high end skills, with customers travelling from across Georgia to get specialist styling. This is a must see business if you are travelling to Atlanta, a fascinating city that combines being known as the birthplace of of America’s civil rights movement with a staggering amount of amazing BBQ joints.

57 Forsyth St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States P: +1 404-521-1451