Van Life with Cam Johnson

Vans are an increasingly popular way for people to venture forth and explore this stunning country. They make getting out there realistic, a dream you can chase and live to its fullest extent. What better way to explore the wilderness, where there’s no hotels or other costly luxuries, than in the intimacy of your personal home-on-wheels?

Vanlife Conversions began life in Newcastle circa 2017; I’m a qualified auto electrician and self-taught cabinetmaker with a passion for the road. I created my own van years back, and words fall short of describing the buzz I get from cruising in it. This is the experience I want to share; a custom made van that reflects you and won’t let you down.

The only limits are budget and imagination; if you just want a lighting rig and a paint job, I can make it happen. If you want an 80’s disco conversion, I won’t judge. Give me a call and let’s make it real.

For more information contact:
Vanlife Conversions
Ph: 0438  771 124


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