In Port Melbourne amongst the rugged industrial sites, there are a few interesting business hidden. Uncle Rocco’s is one of these special places. Right beside the historic Salford lads club (which is now a café), is Uncle Roccos Barbers shop.

Fabian Sfameni is a Third generation Barber and is one of Melbournes most popular men behind the clippers. Fabian, or Fab, is an urban legend in the barber world and when you meet him you realise this man has nothing but passion for his chosen career. That passion is the element that drives his ample skills in men’s grooming and styling. Fab Sfameni, along with a handful of other barbers in Melbourne, are setting the standards for the industry. He has a large circle of customers that will make the pilgrimage to Port Melbourne to get their customised look.

The other interesting design of the shop is that it’s under a skateboard bowl. You go up a little ladder in the back of the shop and climb into a huge timber bowl the size of a swimming pool. We had a few interesting hours of childhood memories as we smashed our way around the bowl like a bunch of naughty teenagers. All was going great until some old school manoeuvre did not quite come off and I ripped a chunk out of my big toe. All for a good story!

Uncle Rocco’s follows the old school barbering concepts and his team of barbers make good statements in men’s styling. I have a few mates that make the fortnightly visit for a trim and a style and love the fact they can have their man time and enjoy some good chats with either a beer or a good coffee. The Salford lad’s club next door offers a great meal and coffee and is packed most lunch times. Having two cool businesses side by side is a good formula and draws more people to this industrial location.

Fab’s family history is Italian. His dad came to Australia in the fifties and ended up owning three barbershops in Melbourne after a stint in farming. This was a good learning ground for the young Fab, he got to master the trade through some old school barbers who knew about the art of shaving and were masters of the clippers. You have to love Fab’s dedication to the trade with his signature cutthroat razor tattoo’s on both forearms. Fab also sports a slick Mo and has been a big supporter and pin up boy for Movember, raising awareness for men’s health.

1 Fennell St, Port Melbourne, Vic 3207
0403 283 837