The Barbering industry is booming right now – here and across the globe. Barbers everywhere are plying their trade, dispensing their wisdom and wit like only barbers can. We are a unique bunch of people and I feel blessed to be a part of our ever growing family.

I was thinking about how I love barbering and what were my favourite parts of what we do. For me right now I love the unique cuts we can do and with so many guys keen to look after themselves, keeping on top of trends has never been easier. It’s hard to go stale in an industry bursting with enthusiasm. I’ve listed my top 5 cuts because I want to share them with you:

1. The Fade
An old classic. A graduated style with the length of the hair at the side of the head getting shorter and shorter the closer you get to the hairline. For the fade to be performed correctly use clipper over comb and make sure that you fade the hair from the hairline up to the top of the side giving the impression of a fade.

2. The Flat Top
This is a timeless style that has lasted generations. Clipper the back and sides and using clipper over comb again bring the length of the top down close to the scalp making sure not to round off the edges.

3. The Hard Part
Otherwise known as a side part pomp. Clipper the back and sides generally taking the clipper directly to the partline unless you are incorporating a fade in which case you wouldn’t take the clipper as high up. Razor the partline in and edge up the client’s hairline to make it pop.

4. The Pompadour
This has seen a resurgence in the last few years with Rockabilly styling firmly in vogue. A scissor cut with a clean tapered finish. Style the hair up from the hairline and quiff the fringe.

5. The Buzz Cut
I can’t forget this one. The cleanest cut of all. Choose a number and go for it. One number or incorporate a blend of 2 lengths. Edge up the hairline to pack a punch and make it sharp.

Roddy Donegan is owner of Crackers Barber Shop one of the oldest barber shops in NSW and is founding director of Barberco, Australia’s leading online barber wholesaler.