The phone starts ringing. With a dozen image-conscious men waiting for you to perfect their pompadour or fix their fade, answering the call is the last thing on your priority list. You let it ring out.

Boom! Just like that, you’ve lost a customer.

Yes, clients can be fickle creatures, and they are probably already on the phone to their old barber making a time to see them instead of you. Luckily there are some mod-cons available to make sure you never lose a client again – no matter how manic your day is.

Get an answering machine
All right, cool your jets; we’re not here to give you a lecture on the basics of running your business … But isn’t it about time you updated your phone message? If you let a guy know you actually care about getting him in for a cut, he’ll be much more likely to hold out for you. Give them the option of visiting your website to check in or book, and let them know you’ll get back to them within the hour.

Make checking in easy
Picture this: one of your regulars is having lunch with his mates nearby and is thinking of paying you a visit. He’s had a couple of beers and is feeling pretty chilled and really can’t be bothered walking half a block to see if you can fit him in. Rather than letting him go, you can capture his business by letting him check in from his mobile phone – and even send him an automatic text when it’s nearly his turn.

Let them book online
Let’s face it, so many men hate the idea of calling up and going through the hassle of finding an appointment time that suits them. So why not offer them the freedom and control of online booking? Play up to their impulsive nature and let them jump on your website or Facebook page and book then and there. Then, what do you know, you’ve secured a new customer or kept an existing one hooked, just like that!

Be a time management pro
Once your client is chilling out in your waiting area, the last thing you want is for them to walk out because you’re taking too long – or worse, because you’ve forgotten who’s next in the queue. Get efficient and manage the situation with cutthroat precision by displaying a digital waitlist on your wall where everyone can see it. Your clients will be more likely to stick around if they have a good idea of how long they’ll be waiting.

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