Most residents and visitors to NYC overlook the Bronx for Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. But it’s still a place with rich culture and history. It’s the birthplace of hip hop, has fantastic food cooked by Caribbean immigrants and, most importantly, has some really wonderful barbershops.

The Spot, my barber shop of choice on Gun Hill Road in the heart of the borough, is where my barber Renso works. When I walk through the door, I’m always greeted by lively music and a friendly crowd of men waiting to get their hair cut.

From his station in the corner, Renso exudes patience and grace. He manages to keep up with the lively conversations in the shop without ever making you feel like he isn’t paying attention to his clients. When it’s my turn, he calls me over and steps back to take me in. You can see the gears turning in his head as he decides what kind of cut is going to make me look my best.

More than anything, Renso’s a great human. He has an easy sense of humor, engaging personality and you can tell he cares deeply about his craft. When you get a cut from him, you feel like he’s part of your team.

He’s been especially great with keeping my beard looking sharp. I decided to grow my beard out last year and he’s never once pressured me to shave it. I get compliments constantly on how well groomed my beard looks, so it’s easy for me to put my complete trust in him. The icing on the cake: He always uses a few drops of The Barba beard oil, made right here in the Bronx, to give my beard some extra shine.

751E Gun Hill Rd, Bronx, NY 10467
 (718) 708-4337