The combed-back hair look has been trending in the female hair scene for a while now, but lately it has had a renaissance in the men’s grooming landscape too.

As much as slicked-back hair used to be associated with Wall Street and corporate top dogs, it has now gone through an evolution… enter the wet hair look, for guys!   

Barber, Brook Swinbourne, has created a few easy step-by-step guides on how to create different wet hairlooks for men – from a classic look to a modern spin.

See tips below to inspire Australian men to nail the wet hair look this Summer.

Here’s How to Nail The Wet Hair Look this Summer, According to Grooming Expert The Relaxed Fringe

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  1. Always start with the initial shampooing process, using a shampoo and a conditioner. You could also add a desired shampoo for any condition, for example dandruff for scalp or one for coloured hair if that’s what you have.
  2. For this look, I’d suggest using a forming cream – it is really pliable and the distribution is really easy! Less playing around with the hair is best for this look.
  3. To achieve this relaxed wet hair look, take a small amount of forming cream, begin to massage it throughout your entire head and style your fringe with your hands. But don’t overdo it!

    The Classic Side part

Männerfrisuren - Seitenscheitel | Comb over haircut, Side part haircut, Mens  hairstyles

  1. Start of by cleansing your hair with a cleansing shampoo, like the power cleanse, and of course a daily conditioner that stimulates     

the hair – the combination is amazing and gives you a fresh clean platform to work from!

  1. Then after towel drying, take a small amount of a classic pomade and apply it into your hair – using a shampooing technique to distribute evenly.
  2. Then choose the side you wish to part and comb in each direction and slightly back.
  3. Now just leave it and the style will last all day until you wash it.

    The Messy Look

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  1. Use the same shampoo technique and towel dry as above, but this time I’d suggest using a shampoo that gives volume, shine and medium hold, like the boost mousse. Finish cleansing by lightly blow dry off the hair.
  2. Then use a volume powder that has a matte finish, like the American Crew boost powder to give guts and texture, but a matte finish with light hold!
  3. And voila, what a sharp natural wet-hair look you have there.