On a recent business trip to New York City I was staying in The East Village and I decided to have a wander of the neighborhood to get my bearings. Just around the corner from my home away from home I came across a very cool Barber shop. It was very small frontage but it was very rustic and industrial which enticed myself to go in for a chat. The two Barbers were super busy but gave me some time when I mention The Cutthroat Journal as they were Instagram followers. We chatted barbering for a minute and they said please have a look at this. They through open the back door of the small shop and it opened up into huge speak easy bar straight form the 1940’s. I don’t have to tell you this place became my go to for the next week that I spent in East Village. The Bar gets crazy busy on weekends nights mostly with the young up and coming crowd of New York city. The Blind Barber is part of a chain that has now six locations with one in LA and another now in Chicago.

The  Barbers take their jobs very seriously at the front of the business and most of the team I talked to were well travelled and were keeping up with the latest trends. They were very excited to show me their latest retail hair products which were selling well throughout the USA and online. The concept of the store is clever and great way to have day and night revenue. The bar has its own exit so once you were primed you did not have to push past sharp objects like scissors and razors on your nightly retreat back home.

The Blind Barber is a fun experience and one of NY trendier concepts and I look forward to checking out other locations.

East Village

339 E. 10th StreetNew York, NY 10009Tel: 212.228.2123