The Bearded Chap Original Beard Soap is the newest addition to The Bearded Chap collection, made from 100% natural ingredients, including nine essential base oils and tested on bearded men. Available in three masculine scents: Rugged (Spearmint & Nutmeg Scent), Brawny (Lemongrass & Australian Sandal Wood Scent) and Staunch (Kunzia & Ironbark), our soap offers a hydrating formula to prevent your beard from having its natural oils stripped, as most regular soaps often do. Seaweed, a unique feature of the soap, acts as a soft exfoliate, removing dry skin from your beard and leaving surrounding skin and hair moisturised and in healthy form. A necessity to your grooming routine, we’re paving the path to cleanliness with a silky soft beard soap for filthy dirty beards.