Born, defrosted and raised on the shores of the Baltic Sea. On the deep WIFI bogs of Estonia, aside a mere million people. 25 years on this planet, and the last six years on many different continents.

Always on the mission to find the most interesting people around. A little weird goes a long way. There are so many different qualities to like in people, starting from simple facial hair, to warm- heartedness. But in the end, I believe that everything starts from the attitude.

In Europe, it is hard to get a job in most fields when you’re self taught. Even a certificate from a master doesn’t give you any guarantees. This is why I have finished two years of full hairdressing school to make people take me seriously in this world. I surely learned much about trichology and colour science, but Wellington has given me experience that I never would have got in Estonia. I’ve learned a lot about different hair structures and styles. The colours and curls. The type of hair that would be hard to find in northern Europe but is in abundance here in a multi-cultural society that New Zealand has.

I think I am still totally mesmerised right now by the popularity and growth of the barbering  culture on this side of the planet.

As a barber, you often have to be a kind of a psychiatrist as well. Being a good listener is a big part of it. I love to hear the different stories people come in with. Giving them a different perspective on their thoughts and trying to help as I can … and meanwhile, giving a possibly young man a gentleman’s service. It’s heart warming to see the same people come back. Gives you confidence that you’re doing the right thing and also a chance to build up a stronger, friendlier relationship with the customer. I want everybody to be comfortable when giving a close cutthroat shave or hair wash and have them leave the barbershop with new free breathing, feeling refreshed and confident.

Sometimes I meet someone for a brief moment, but within that short period of time he/she manages to open my mind and introduce me to a different way of seeing things. Often I think about these moments and remind myself to value them. This is just one bonus of being a barber. Collecting stories from customers, as well as co-workers. People at Barkers are a big inspiration for me. I’m extremely grateful for the warm welcome, trust and experience Barkers has provided. I am happy that I have found such great people to be surrounded with.

Four years ago living in Melbourne, I saw the first barbershop of my life. That triggered a dream to become a barber. Necessary steps were made and after years of learning, practicing and hard work, my journey has brought me back to this side of the world – ready for challenges and to take on new missions down under.