30 years is a long time to build a legacy you’re proud of.

That’s almost how long Shortcuts has been around, since our humble beginnings in the early 90’s. Born out of a backyard garage, dreamed up by two whizz-kid developers and one savvy young salon owner, Jo Burgess, Shortcuts quickly became the leading name in salon tech.

“We’ve been innovators from the get-go, with Shortcuts being the first salon software to take advantage of touch-screen technology in Australia. It’s crazy to think that today we use touchscreens all day, everyday, thanks to our smart phones!” said Shortcuts Co-Founder, Jo Burgess.

Over the years, a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and downright passion have gone into building Shortcuts into the solution you know and love today. We’ve put our customers at the forefront of everything we’ve done since day dot, and built solutions to solve common problems everyday salons face.

Since then, we’ve grown to help almost 15,000 businesses worldwide simplify their day-to-day and make doing business so much easier. Our greatest joy has been helping ambitious businesses, from backyard barbers to high-street beauty salons, to achieve their wildest business dreams. We’ve supported you through thick and thin, and we hope to continue supporting you for a long time to come!

We know times are changing. Last year we shaped up our software with a brand-new look and feel to better reflect an industry accelerating into the future.

This year we’ve sharpened up our image with a fresh new logo that better reflects the direction of Shortcuts and our commitment to supporting the modern-day salon. We know, it was a long time coming and we’re excited to finally lift the curtain to the world!

While our image may be glowing up and growing up, what you know and love about Shortcuts is here to stay. Our people have always been at the heart of everything we do – because we’re more than a business. We’re more than a helpdesk or sales people. More than our team of developers, number crunchers or tech geeks. We’re passionate people that come from the industry, and aspire to make a difference in your businesses. At Shortcuts, we have ex-hairdressers, beauty therapists and barbers that needed a sea-change and saw potential in joining our family. We understand the industry and the everyday problems you face, which only further fuels our ambition to support you in any way we can.

“Watching Shortcuts grow since the little spark of an idea I had in the early 90’s, to installing it in my salon, bringing the first touch-screen appointment book to Australian shores, and lastly watching it grow into a thriving global business has been nothing short of amazing,” said Jo. “The greatest joy it brings me is knowing that salons all over the world work in harmony with Shortcuts and if it makes even just one part of your day stress-free then I’ve achieved what I set out to do.”

At the end of the day, we know you’re more than your craft. You are business owners, artists, change-makers, team-players, creators, problem solvers and inventors. You are getting it done, no matter the obstacles – and you’ve had plenty of obstacles to overcome the last few years!  Throughout it all you have proven that you are strong and resilient.

We’ve stood by your side through thick and thin, and lifted you up in tough times. Together we are a solution-driven industry and community.

Let’s step into a new era of Shortcuts, together! Click here to learn more.