Article by Ronan Estraube (Apprentice at Backbone Barbershop, QLD)

My name is Ronan Estraube and I’m an apprentice barber cutting out of Backbone Barbershop. My barber journey started off in my bathroom cutting my mates hair for free, using my mother’s old hairdressing equipment. I primarily focused on my clipper work before I was offered an apprenticeship at Backbone Barbershop, where my Boss Sam introduced me into the world of scissors. The versatility of the skill, its importance in our line of work became apparent and my focus shifted to improving and mastering my scissor work. 

One of the things I learnt about scissors was how important it was to select a pair that was comfortable and ergonomically designed. As an apprentice, it was ideal timing to get this right from the start. I’m currently using the GX-65 Osaka scissors that were gifted to me by my boss Sam (Ambassador for Osaka). Carefully chosen, these scissors are great for learning as they are the perfect weight, ergonomically designed and provide versatility. I was very excited to own these scissors because my mother, a hairdresser with 30 years’ experience, used a number of Osaka scissors and loved them all. 

Since using the GX 65 inch scissors they have improved my scissor work drastically. They are great for scissor over comb, point cutting, blunt cutting and refining. My journey with Osaka scissors has only just begun and I’m eager to see where Osaka scissors will take me in the future. Feel free to check out my Instagram @barber_ronan, I have used Osaka scissors in all of my haircuts. 

Leonie Truong – Osaka Scissors