With over 7 billion people in the world and rising the creative market is over saturated with overly complex and cluttered designs. Solehab’s mission is to bring back the simple, the elegant and stylish into designs and graphics.

My name is Alistair Jameson and I am the founder and creator of Solehab. As a child I have always loved art & design and as destiny would have it I continued this passion in my career. I started as a graphic designer and worked my way up to becoming a creative director. Throughout my career I have never let go of my love of simple designs and quality products such as Apple’s iPod and iMac and the more I designed for others the more I realised how I missed it. This is when Solehab was born. The idea and mission of Solehab is a simple one, share my love of unique and creative gear with everyone.

Where ever we are in the world there is uniqueness everywhere we look. Personally I look at nature, a bee or a leaf and I see the beauty in its simplicity and complexity. This is what I try to bring forward in the designs and style of Solehab’s quality products.

Why the name Solehab, for now I’ll keep that a secret but the aim is for Solehab to be a synonym of uniqueness, quality, style and simplicity.

I hope you enjoy my products and passion as much as I enjoy making them.