SLIKR is an Australian app working closely with local Barbershops to create the latest in ‘on demand’ technology.

With 72% of men searching for a service on the same day, barbers often have long wait times.

Shella Thornton is an award-winning Barber and owner of Clippy T’s, a chain of three barbershops in Brisbane, who have all implemented SLIKR to improve customer experience. “We have had a great response with how much free time clients have instead of waiting in the shop” said Ms Thornton.

The SLIKR app is designed for walk-in barbers and can reduce shop wait times by an average of 60% by smoothing the arrival of clients.  Smoothing helps reduce walk-outs and

walk-past clients, making the shop more effective and increasing client satisfaction.  However, founder & CEO Duane Thompson is adamant it is “not just another booking app”.   The Kiosk automates client check-in, so the shop does not need additional staff, then uses SMS and Mobile apps to allow clients to track their place in the queue in real time.

Many barbershops make use of minimal technology, with a majority of walk-in businesses having no client details or management, only 25% using point of sale software and limited websites. SLIKR set out to help address all these points for owners.  The Kiosk prompts clients for contact details, after 3 – 4 visits over 70% of clients are leaving contact information, allowing each shop to build up a profile and contact data for their clients.  SLIKR automates collecting feedback, reminders and notifications for clients.

An online presence is essential and by connecting with your social media, clients have more reason to visit and engage with your page. If you do not have a website, your unique SLIKR web link can connect via google to secure clients searching your local area and checking into your shop.

SLIKR’s most recent release even combines bookings and a mini-POS Checkout function.  The ability to combine bookings has come from shops where a higher percentage of clients wanted to queue ahead, or a particular barber was very popular.  It is a natural progression for some owners and allows the system to adapt to the shop or client demands.

“Customers have adapted well and love the fact that they can see if their Barber is working plus there is no embarrassing moment asking for their favourite,” said Ms Thornton.

A free PAYG model for owners is another key feature to SLIKR with a flexible usage-based pricing model.  In many shops an app is seen as a cost overhead that benefits the client, not the shop owner.  Mr Thompson says “SLIKR works closely with the barber industry, we are prepared to share the risk and benefit, we only succeed if you succeed”.   SLIKR has the option to pass on a small booking fee only to clients who choose to “Queue Ahead” via the app.  The Queue is clearly displayed on the Kiosk, so all clients know their place and there are no arguments over who is next or confusion over who is waiting for what barber.

SLIKR is now in shops across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, New Zealand and London. If you thought you knew about the latest in barber systems, think again and book a ‘no obligation’ demo today.

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