Ged King founder of Skullfades barbershop created quite a following after his BBC video was shared across the world of Social Media.
Ged was featured for his foundations work with the homeless offering them free haircuts, along side drug and alcohol counciling and help finding permanent homes.
With the idea’s flowing his generocity has continued to now training the homeless as barbers in the back room of his barber shop in Manchester.

“Skullfades Foundation has the aim to help disadvantaged people in our community, who have experienced homelessness or are ex-service personnel to train and learn Barbering Skills. It is our aim to improve their lives by raising their chances of employability. It is our hope that through the training programme they will get back into the routine of working, this will take place in a compassionate, encouraging and inspiring environment.

Alongside the practical skills people will learn in Barbering, outside agencies will be brought in to talk about personal development strategies, all in the hope that trainees will want to better themselves and think about what they could give back to their communities.”

2016 has been a massive year for Skullfades Foundation seeing the team taking to the streets of Manchester to help give the cities homeless the lift that they so desperately need. So much more than just a hair cut, the team consists of a supported accommodation provider, an addiction recovery coach that is headed up by leader Ged King.

How can you get involved?
Over the coming months there will be various fundraising events happening to support our cause. If you would like to get involved with some of the Skullfades Foundation fun please get in touch and tell us a bit about your skills.


We’ve an excellent opportunity to support and care for people less fortunate. We’re fitting 3 Foundation Barbers chairs at Skullfades Barbershop to train people from underprivileged backgrounds. Offering them the very real chance to change their life.
We’re welcoming businesses to sponsor a chair for £40 a week. This will go towards everything the apprentice Barbers will need including a weekly wage. We’re also looking for mentors to talk a person and offer guidance and advice on how to transition into a more positive way of life and succeed in society.
Please message for more details for donations and sponsorship opportunities.