Favourite childhood memory

There are so many. I guess to zoom in on my childhood it would be going on fishing trips with my father and family friend. It was the late 60’s and we would go camping for several days at a place called Dwellingup, 100 kms from Perth on the Murray River. We would catch and eat wild marron (Marron are the largest freshwater crayfish in Western Australia – and the third largest in the world. (Mmmmm marron). I can still see, taste, smell that whole experience (you’re making us hungry Simon). I was about 8 or 9 years old and loved the fire, gathering firewood, bacon and eggs cooking in the morning, Most of all what I loved was after dark, pulling up those nets with the marron. I really had a great childhood with fantastic parents

Who or what inspires you?

People who have compassion for others, people who go over and above. Like the doctor who contracted the Ebola virus in Africa. He just selflessly threw himself into that situation with a high possibility of contracting the virus. It really is extraordinary. I find a lot of what’s going on in the world these days a bit depressing and it feels like we’ve lost our way but people like the surgeon and cardiologist that we had to put our trust in when our son Sam, was born with a heart condition. They not only are incredibly skilled at what they do but they have to reassure and help parents to stay calm. I’m also inspired by big thinkers. It feels like we’ve become so narrow minded as a country. I like people who look at the big picture, like what sort of country we want to be living in 30 years from now

Fave album of all time

An album called Francis Albert Sinatra (you might know him as Frank) and Antonio Carlos Jobim. I’m a huge Sinatra fan. I first listened to him when I was 12 and it was like a revelation to me

Fave men’s grooming product

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

What are you reading at the moment

I just finished reading a great book by a Western Australian author called ‘The Light Between Oceans’ by M L Stedman. The book is set in WA and is the setting is just after WW1. It’s fairly bleak, not really uplifting, but it was definitely a page turner for me

The last thing that made you laugh out loud

Just about anything Andrew O’Keefe (host of Weekend Sunrise on channel 7) says. Between breaks he has everyone, the crew, all of us rolling around laughing. He’s quite ‘naughty’. If you’re going to work weekends as I have for the last 8 or 9 years, you want to enjoy being around the people you work with.. Also I love that my kids have a slightly warped sense of humour. My father has a wonderful sense of humour and is a great storyteller. We take far too many things far too seriously these days.

Five words to describe yourself

Ageing. Balding. Vain. Stubborn. Africathile (crazy about Africa!)

Something no one knows about you

Not many people know I have a condition called Urticaria (it’s an actual thing). It’s basically an allergy to cold. I had spent my whole life in the water. We were living at Coogee and I would go to the water about 3 or 4 times a day. About 13 years ago I got out of the water and was really itchy, thinking it was sea lice but nobody else had it. I had a few fainting episodes etc, it was a little scary. So I googled my symptoms and sure enough I found this condition and was tested for it and confirmed to have it. Basically if you immerse yourself in cold water, 15 or 16 degrees, for 10 minutes, you can die

Advice to your 18 year old self

Take more risks. I was a little too conservative in my approach to life. So I would say just go for it. Be much, much, much less afraid of failure. Don’t be afraid of failing, always have a crack. Give more of yourself. Don’t shut yourself down or shy away from loneliness and fear. Be open to experience good and bad, both are a part of life and make us who we are

Fave sport to watch or play

I would have to say baseball. My son Sam plays baseball, I fell in love with the sport while travelling in the US for Beyond 2000 in the 80’s. I also absolutely love equestrian. My daughter Stella is great at dressage and I just love watching it