Calling all Sydney barbers and hairdressers

Giving a free haircut to a person makes more of an impression than you could imagine. Many of us take going down to get a fresh cut for granted. In communities that are in need, this is an unaffordable luxury.

Short Back & Sidewalks is Australia’s leading hair-cutting service for people experiencing homelessness or the effects of poverty, distress, sickness, disability, destitution, suffering, misfortune or helplessness. We do this free of charge, and free of judgement. We strive to provide clients individualised, valuable experiences through cutting their hair, aiming to enhance their chances of breaking the cycle of homelessness or disadvantage.

Short Back & Sidewalks originated in Perth and is now ramping up operations by opening up services to people in need in NSW and are looking for barbers and hairdressers to join the project. We are also teaming up with Orange Sky Laundry to provide haircuts alongside their service of free clothes washing and free showers. We’ve joined forces so together we can give back to people living rough, aiming to enhance self-confidence and opportunities to break the cycle.

The organisation’s founder, Craig Hollywood said that “giving something so simple as a haircut could help people rebuild themselves and reintegrate into society. A simple haircut can give them a much-needed confidence and self-esteem boost, help to improve self-image and someone to engage with”. An individual truly stands taller when they have received a fresh haircut, it’s is a beautiful way to give pride to another human being.

Short Back & Sidewalks is committed to boosting self-confidence and creating connection through cutting hair, open listening and conversation in casual environments that meet people where they are. So if you can, come on board and donate a little of you time – help us break harmful stereotypes and welcome a new national narrative around homelessness and those experiencing it. Sometimes the most amazing thing we can do for ourselves is to share the abilities we have with another person.

If you would like to get more information or get involved with the organisation you can get in contact with the Short Back & Sidewalks team through its website or by emailing You can also support the organisation by following it on Instagram at @short_back_and_sidewalks. Get on board and make a difference by supporting this good cause today!

For further information, for publication images or to arrange an interview call Craig Hollywood on 0416 321 004.