San Francisco is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the USA. Its blend of global immigrants has shaped the fashion of this city, so it has its own unique identity.

The Golden Gate city has been accepting of the LGBTI community and is evident in areas like Upper Market and Castro.

As you walk the streets of San Francisco, the polarising status classes can go from dirty grunge to high street living in as little as one block.

The men’s barbershops that I have visited are all big spaces with lots of light and expensive fit-outs that you would find in nightclubs. This big investment in design is proving successful, as many of these stores have a waiting list for services like a cut or shave. The prices are a lot higher than other cities for a regular cut; however, in a city like San Fran, the rent is considerably expensive.

One of my favourite shops on this trip is Peoples Barbers in Oakland. It is one of three businesses they own in San Francisco. Their Oakland fit-out is unique, as it was once an old mechanics business, still with the roller doors, high roof and open space. They have created a good mix of old school charm, modern service, and there’s a large range of men’s grooming choices on offer.

Fellow Barbers from New York also have stores in San Francisco, creating a very disconcerting following of men who are chasing some top end pampering in their cool space. They have two stores in San Francisco, with wait times around two hours for walk ins.

There is a good array of eclectic barbers in other bayside suburbs that service San Fran. It’s a pity I didn’t have the time on this trip to fully get around to check them out. I guess this means I will have to come back again and explore this wonderful city some more.