Samuel Alvey is an American MMA Fighter currently competing in the Middleweight division of the UFC.

Tell me about your upbringing.
I was raised in a very loving and hard-working family. No matter what I did my parents supported me and they made sure I was never second-best. They made sure I did the work I needed to do to be first chair in everything.

What made you join MMA?
I don’t have a great story about what made me join MMA. I was 21 and I thought I was tough. I didn’t grow up watching boxing or UFC, I never fight outside of the cage, and I was pretty well-adjusted as far as a career outside of MMA. Somebody said there was a cage and I said let me in.

Who or what inspires you?
The biggest inspiration for me are my parents. They spent their lives working hard and creating a good life for their family. Even now as I move on to bigger and better things in my career they are behind me 100% of the way. Whatever they can do to help, they do.

Advice to your younger self.
If I were to give advice to my younger self I don’t really know what I would say. I’m pretty happy where I ended up.  Maybe something simple like save more money.

Do you support any charity and why?
My biggest donations of time and money are to Christian-based charities organizations. I was brought up as a Christian and my faith is unwavering. Anything I can do to help I will always do.

I heard you were in the process of adopting a child, can you explain the reason behind this decision?
My wife and I are in the process of adopting a child and it is something we had always intended on doing. We always anticipated doing it further down the road but something spoke to us and we jumped at the opportunity to do it now.

Something nobody knows about you.
The biggest secret I have is that I played trumpet for over 20 years. I even played semi professional… what that means is I never got paid but everybody else in the orchestra did. To this day I still play my trumpet every now and then, although I know I’m not half as good as I once was.