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The Hairdressing and Barbering Industry Reference Group (IRG) in Qld are trying to fill the skills shortage gap, by introducing short courses to encourage Barber Apprenticeships.

The IRG will be putting a proposal forward to the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training’s (DESBT)  to request funding for a 4 unit skill set. This proposal requires industry backing and validation. So we need your help! Please take the time to fill out this short survey, we need a certain quota of responses for the survey to be valid.

This survey takes just 1 minute …. There are only 4 questions. Your response can help make a difference.

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About the proposed short course:

The units being proposed are:


Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices


Maintain and organize tools, equipment and work areas 


Design haircut structures


Cut hair using over-comb techniques

The rational:

A nationally recognised skill set in Barbering will play an important role in tackling the severe employer identified skills shortage the industry is currently experiencing.

The introduction of the Barbering Skill set will forge connections between industry and employers and promote skills development of future apprentices entering the industry. In turn, this will lead to the development of future apprentices who have job-ready skills and allow a quicker pathway to employment and further training. A pre-apprenticeship skill set will introduce apprentices to the industry and provide guidance on practice-based learning prior to employment in a workplace. This reduces an occupational mismatch which will in turn reduce rates of staff turnover.

Undertaking this skill set will help develop quality apprentices and provide businesses with the skilled workers they need to succeed in a rapidly changing environment. From the start of employment, the employee will have increased productivity and will continue to develop their skills as they progress through their apprenticeship. This specific skill set will be crucial to improving apprenticeship participation and retention and in turn, completion rates of apprentices.

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