Master & Educator of Barbering, Cutting, and Styling

My aesthetic has often been described as precise, tailored, and fashion forward, although, most importantly, I find my inspiration in each of my clients. My work complements their personal style, personality, and face shape – bringing beauty to the foreground with an uncomplicated and fresh approach.

I take consideration with all my clients to provide a hairstyle that encompasses not only who they are, but who they aim to be. Paired with over 18 years of experience, my career has seen me take root in the industry from being an ambassador for international haircare brands, to winning national titles and beyond.

Based out of Preston Guild in Enmore, I incorporate a new world of hairdressing, providing bespoke services, education and social entrepreneurship.

2021 – Osaka Australian Ambassador 

2021 –  Label M Australian Ambassador 

2021 – Wahl  Aus/NZ ambassador 

2020 – 3rd Place The Cut Throat Journal online tutorial 

2019 – Ranked 3rd Australian Female Barber 

Sarah’s Choice of Osaka Scissors

Tan 7 Inch

The fact that they are black!!! My favourite colour they are also super light-weight and I love the pointed tips of the scissors which enables me to achieve a detailed finished look on my haircuts. Super comfortable with the ergo handles. 


Love the seamless texture that these thinners leaves due to their curved teeth – leaves no cut marks. Removes weight extremely fast but also adds epic texture to the hair. Great to use at the roots for extremely thick and coarse hair to give a textured feel throughout the whole haircut.


These scissors I love creating blunt precision looks due to the epic sword like blade. It has some serious power.

Love using it to slice, point and channel cuts through the hair to create texture and movement.

Love using these on dry haircuts as the power behind them cuts straight through even the thickest of hair. 

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