Sam joined Osaka Scissors back in 2019 as one of the first ambassadors in Australia. Based on the Gold Coast (6 years and counting), Sam is the proud owner of Backbone Barbershop which was rated top 8 barbers on the GC by GCUrbanlist. Before his focus on barbering Sam worked in marketing/PR, enabling him to hone in these experiences to collaborate with brands such as Osaka Scissors and other product companies.What drew us towards Sam was his positive outlook, motivation and drive towards the industry, particularly within the educational sector. During his time in Australia, he has set up a barber education platform focusing on workshops, stage demos (Brisbane Hair Expo, Beauty Expo) and working with Educational companies such as Matters in Gray. Sam was also the face of our very first Osaka Showcase held in Brisbane last year, demo-ing the use of a range of Osaka scissors.   

 Sam’s Osaka Top Pick: YMS (Sword) 7 inch

Best Used For: Scissor Over Comb Work

Comfort Levels: Lightweight and well balanced for its size

Feeling: Smooth and sharp