On arriving at One on One Sports Barbershop in Kingston Road

Brisbane, we were met by Lance Liufau, well known for not just being a rad barber but for his amazing hair art. It was sort of hard to get a conversation in with any of the barbers there though. It was midweek and these guys were packed.

It was awesome to see such a cool barbershop appealing to the masses, with a 5 year old and his mum being just as comfortable here as well as the older discerning gentleman and all the cool cats in between.

These guys take their sports theme pretty seriously. The back wall of the shop is covered with epic sports themed photo wallpaper. There’s also a basketball hoop and lots of framed jerseys and memorabilia. Once you’ve taken in those sights and you’re still waiting for your trim up, you can pass the time by playing a game of pool if you so desire. Or you could peruse the One on One Sports Barbershop apparel section. We could hardly take our eyes off the sick and slick Belmont barber chairs here, drooling much.

While we were there, sipping on our delectable coffee from the shops own gargantuan coffee machine, these expert barbers accomplished styles from a  slick medium pomp to a most excellent flat top.

Now if you haven’t heard of Lance Liufau, let’s just say he’s a very skilled barber who’s zealous about his trade and about passing on his honed skills to younger barbers. You actually really need to check out his hair art. We’ve got just a taste of his skills featured in pics in this edition of The Cutthroat Journal.

We really loved our time with these guys, you should check them out if you’re in the area. Skilled barbers – check, surrounded by sport – check, a quick game of pool – check, caffeine fix – check. You’re gonna walk out of here more of a complete man than you were when you walked in.

8A/390 Kingston Road, Brisbane, QLD

(07) 3808 6460