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Naming Rights Sponsor Barber Wars 2017

We are proud to announce our major naming sponsor for Barber Wars Competition in 2017 is Espresso Martini by Justin Metcalf.

Coffee legend Justin Metcalf and past Head Judge of the World Barista Championships has released an Espresso Martini as part of his expanding coffee range under the “Justin Metcalf” brand. Justin and his team have designed a workable bar ready premix Espresso Martini using high quality coffee and a state of the art extraction process, all presented in a classy retro glass bottle.

Espresso Martini naming rights sponsor will be heading up the heats and finals for Barber Wars, which will be in four locations this year, three of which will be at the Meatstock festivals. Dates for the competition at the Meatstock events this year are February 25th in Auckland, April 22nd in Melbourne and May 6th in Sydney. The finals will be held at Hair Expo in Sydney on Monday June 12th.

Espresso Martini is an exciting new on-trend beverage that fits in well with the Meatstock and Barber theme and will be well received by this market space in the winning celebrations at Barber Wars as the key cocktail to be enjoyed by all.

See more about Espresso Martini by Justin Metcalf here