Mr Hawke is malleable, non-plasticised flex pomade for men. Packaged in a custom modern utility box, it exudes sophisticated industrial – kind of like the man its made for.

Mr Hawke can be applied at the scalp to direct the roots, no need for other hair washing products as it helps clean and cleanses the hair. It’s formula allows restyling throughout the day and helps stimulate growth and smells fantastic.

The Men’s Grooming Industry has missed the point. All these years, they’ve been trying to sell the promise of making you more attractive, more clever and more successful. We’re here to help with your hair, we cant take credit for anything else you achieve (much as we’d like to).

Every man believes that contained within his spectacular self is untapped genius, talent, skill and the potential to be a triple threat at whatever he decides to lend his hand to. Mr Hawke is here to augment your already overwhelming awesomeness with great hair.

Committed to making great products here, we firmly believe high quality products and ingredients represent the future for Australian manufacturing.