Words: Matt Natonewski – Nevermind Motorcycles

Pics: Royal Enfield Australia Aus & N.Z

Humans have become soft. We moan and complain about minor inconveniences, luxuries and comforts that didn’t exist a decade ago. We get upset about poor wifi signals, low internet speeds, poor mobile reception and we take our bullshit frustrations out on those around us. We are socialising less than ever yet we have never been more connected. We happily surrender our freedom for convenience, comfort and security. We are connected to the grid at all times and have become slaves to the very system we created. Most of us either do not know or refuse to accept that we have purchased this security and comfort with the only true currency we really have, our freedom.

In a few short years we will see massive changes in the way we live and work. Risk, danger, uncertainty and adventure are already socially unacceptable and are being engineered out of life, allocated to the online world where no physical harm or financial loss can be suffered. Play, pleasure, work, creativity, sex, risk have been relegated to the online. The work and desires that once gave our lives meaning will be automated and the activities that once made life living will be outlawed as too high risk.

The motorcycle has become an anomaly in a world full of victims. A world that constantly craves more stuff, more safety, lower risk and demands perfection. The motorcycle, refuses to modernise, to cooperate, and become the transport it was initially designed to be. Most of us move around what remains of this planet wrapped up in steel cages with the latest anti braking systems, 10,000 point safety checks engineered in all wheel drive special utility vehicles with 20 air bags, the latest GPS technology and never truly disconnect from our all providing master, the system. 

The establishment, the government, the mainstream, the media will all tell you to stay well away from anything that cannot provide you with these basic human needs, comfort, security and safety. The system knows that riding a motorcycle facilitates independent thought. So have a good think about those ‘needs’ as they exist only in your mind. They will tell you to give away your crazy immature, childish dreams of motorcycles and adventures. They will tell you to stay far away from these crazed reckless tribes who ride motorcycles. They will tell you this because they fear truth, they fear those who ride are not entirely enslaved. The system does not fully control bikers yet and with each ride they become less enslaved.

Riding a motorcycle brings us closer to what we are meant to be, wild and free, not merely algorithms and data fuel for a self-perpetuating system. On a motorcycle we are 100% disconnected and in the present moment. Our lives are in our own hands, we are creative and generate original and independent thoughts when we are unplugged and focussed as you can only be on a motorcycle. We know every time we ride we could die. We accept this and this makes us feel life at its fullest. 

The brain fires differently when you ride and we connect with our tribe in very unique and authentic ways. Most of us cannot describe the bond between each member of our tribe but we all recognise it. It is the brief eye contact when you pass another rider going in the other direction, pegs scraping on a hairpin corner. Or warming frozen hands over a fire at the end of a long winter days riding. There is a bond.

The motorcycle is the last ‘fuck you!’ to a system fast enslaving the planet. Many of us have never known the feeling of joy of battling extreme elements and this is a real shame. To have ridden in far away lands exhausted, lonely and afraid. Through rain and sleet and snow for hour upon hour. Or to ride through the desert, lost in extreme heat, nearly out of fuel and bike limping into some small nomadic gypsy village. No steel cage to protect us, no phone to call for help, nothing but our wits and the good nature of fellow humans. This is freedom, this is adventure and this is life. To feel the sun, the wind and the rain on our skin. To fall off and get back up and fall off again. Discomfort, pain, discovery, freedom.

No one can control you on your bike, you cannot be monitored, regulated, legislated, mitigated or mediated. Riding a motorcycle you are unplugged and untethered just as we were born to be.

Bikers are free range and unpredictable men and women, which is rare among the 7 billion that populate the planet at this point in time. Give me blood, sweat and tears, bricks and mortar. Screw your online world and social media popularity and get on a motorcycle now and open your eyes.

Motorcycles are the answer, and Royal Enfield are the motorcycles.