Craftsmanship. Superlative quality. Silky smooth. Cutting perfection. These are just some of the words synonymous with Mizutani scissors, exquisitely handmade in Japan for professional hair stylists and barbers throughout the world.

The creation of Mizutani scissors is a tradition which stretches back almost 100 years, when the first pair was painstakingly handcrafted with a vision of creating scissors that were razor-sharp and durable, yet easy-to-handle at the same time. Today, this tradition continues, and all Mizutani scissors are 100 per cent handmade by a team of highly skilled craftsmen in Japan.

Mizutani prides itself on creating the finest shears in the world, through the threefold principle of hair, blade and hand. All good barbers know that if you don’t use scissors with sharp, quality blades, hair ends get damaged and smashed in the cutting process. Avoiding this was the reason for the creation of the original Mizutani scissors almost 100 years ago, and today, they still ensure a clean, sharp and perfect cut for any hair, both wet and dry – every time.

The next principle – blade – is where Mizutani’s unique expertise in blending alloys for the perfect result shines. Mizutani has won high praise for creating a series of revolutionary steels such as Stellite (an alloy used in the engine of jet and racing cars for its resistance to wear and heat), damascus and nano powder metal, and it also uses rare metals such as cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium to improve sharpness, durability, pliability and anti-abrasion.

The third and final principle – hand – is where Mizutani brings its expertise in ergonomics to bear for a superlatively clean and silky smooth cutting experience. The perfect balance, the optimal weight, the blade thickness, the handle length, the finger hole size and the screw position are all key considerations, down to where the inserted carbon resin bearing and titanium coated wave washer minimises stress to the hand.

From cutting steel to polishing for the finish, each shear receives the closest attention throughout the process to ensure the highest quality. Internationally, professional hair stylists such as Eugene Souleiman and barbers such as original Japanese Scumbag Kiyoshi Okamoto rate Mizutani for their impeccable quality, superb usability and a result of hair cutting perfection.
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