Pretty much anything goes when it comes to Men’s hair at the moment. From long, to short, and everything in between.

TIGI Creative Manager Nathan Glynn gives some insight into the latest in Men’s Fashion Trends, and breaks down how TIGI Education can help expand barbers and hairdresser’s creative thinking.

 “At TIGI Haircare, we base hair trends on what is happening in Men’s Fashion in its entirety which means that we are no longer selling ‘haircuts’ to clients. We have moved beyond this way of thinking, and we now need to look at Men’s fashion as being the predominant factor when deciding hairstyle suitability for Men.”

Nathan Glynn

It is important to uncover the sub-trends that lay within Men’s fashion and truly understand everything about each trend before we start cutting, including;

Fashion indicators – Refer to a client’s overall look.  Things such as a watch or shoes can help stylists to gain inspiration. However it is important to ask questions about what a client likes to wear, as he may not be visually portraying his ideal look when in the chair. 

 Lifestyle – What does he do for work, on the weekend or for fun? Identifying key lifestyle components will also give insights into how the hairstyle will ‘wear’ both throughout the day, and between appointments.

  Attitude – Think about a bulldog wearing a bow tie in comparison to a studded collar. Both probably look pretty damn cool, however it is important that it matches character and personality. And the same goes with what guys wear on both their bodies and heads. Once the fashion trends are truly understood, we can then look at hairstyles that will complement each trend by using the TIGI 24/7 APP.

The TIGI Collective have researched some of the biggest trends to grace the runway this year, and have narrowed down the findings into the following key trends:

The Adventurer – Neat and tidy, yet embracing natural movement

 The Dynasty Dude – Grown out fades with lots of height on top

The Noughties Boy  – Short crops with waxy finishes

Surfs Up – Longer lengths with loose and uncontrolled textures

Supported by TIGI EDUCATIONS renowned Terminology and Methodology teaching system, all looks are taught to be adapted to the individuals head shape, hair texture and face shape and are demonstrated using the innovative BEDHEAD FOR MEN RANGE to enhance finish and increase profitability upon returning to the barbershop.