Ever wish you had a trustworthy mate working alongside you? Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, impeccable common sense, an understanding of what makes you and your business tick, and who appreciates the challenges you face every day? Good news, gents – I could be the business partner you’ve been waiting for! I’m here to make your barber shop run smoothly, give you an edge over your competitors, and help you do business in style. Soon, you’ll start to wonder how you ever survived without me.

I’ve got your back

I’m your best friend and your shoulder to lean on, and I’m here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you’ve had a rough day and you’re not sure of the best way forward, you can count on me to help out at any time of the day or night. I’ll do everything I can to get you out of a sticky situation and get you back on the path to running a successful business.

I’ll control the crowd
If your queue’s getting out of hand, I’ll take the load off and make sure your hoard of loyal fans stays happy. I will let your clients check themselves in, so they don’t have to line up just to get their name on your waitlist, and saving you time at the front desk.

I’m tech savvy
How’s this for awesome: if your clients are nearby, I’ll let them secure their spot on their mobile phone, so they can grab a coffee or check out their favourite shops while they’re waiting. When they’re near the top of the wait list, I’ll send them an SMS to let them know it’s almost their turn.

I’ll maintain the calm
Once they’ve arrived, nothing is guaranteed to frustrate your clients as much as having to wait around for what seems like hours for a short back and sides or a quick shave. You can keep them informed – and relaxed – with a digital display board that is updated in real time, so they can see how long until it’s their turn.

I’ll call out your mistakes
We all slip up sometimes – and I’m here to remind you that it’s better to address blunders as they happen than to wait until things get completely out of hand. If a client leaves a not-so-great review, I’ll let you know straight away, so you can smooth over the situation and maintain a good relationship. This way, you’ll never lose a disgruntled client again.

I’ll dish out high fives
I know you’re a modest kind of bloke, but you shouldn’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet once in a while! When I can see you’ve done a great job, I’ll let you know – and help you share the great news with the world. After each client visits, I’ll ask them what they thought of their experience. If they’re really rating your work, I’ll make sure everyone can see it – on your website, on social media, and when new clients are searching for you online.
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