Carpenter turned Barber

Name: Ryan Fitzsimons 
Age: 25 years old 
Work:  Unknown Barber Oakleigh
Background:  Irish born and Melbourne raised
Hobbies: Soccer Other
Joys: Spending time with fiancé and mates

How long have you been barbering now?
I’ve been barbering for about a year and a half now, if you include the times I was cutting my mate’s hair at home with not a clue about what I was doing. 

What were you doing before this?
Before this I was a qualified Carpenter.  I realised I did not enjoy the work anymore and was looking for a change and so enrolled in a Barber course at BIBA Academy in Fitzroy. About three quarters through the course I was contacted by the Unknown Barbers and started working there part time while still finishing off school. I am now working full time there and loving it.

Ryan Fitzsimons – Barber

How did you find out about Osaka scissors?
I got onto Osaka scissors through a mate who just recently bought a pair of scissors from them. I wanted a pair of 5.5 inches and decided to give the Osaka MT’s a go and I was not disappointed. They are a very comfortable pair of scissors – well designed handle and feels nicely balanced. 

What have the MT’s been good for?
For me I feel like they are light enough for comfortability but heavy enough to feel sturdy. The perfect balance in my opinion.  
My favourite cutting technique would have to be point cutting to add texture and remove weight at the same time. This technique helps to save time in a busy working environment and achieving the result I want in a haircut.   

MT Scissors from OSAKA

Is there anything you can think the MTs can be better at ?
In my experience, the MTs haven’t let me down for what I use them for, so no I don’t think there is any need for change. The only thing I can’t use them for is scissor over comb because I have the 5.5 inches and I prefer to use longer scissors for that.

Would you consider increasing the size of your next scissor ?
I am considering buying a pair of 6.5 inches for scissors over comb as the 5.5 inches are a bit too small for that.

Do you use thinning scissors ?
Not really no, when I was studying barbering they wouldn’t let us use them as there are techniques you can use to remove weight without them, and I have just stuck with that.

What would be your advice for someone looking for their next pair of scissors ?My advice for someone would be to do your research before buying. I have jumped into buying scissors because “ they looked cool” and ended up hating them. Try them out before buying, make sure the size is right for you and they are comfortable with your cutting techniques.

What do you want to progress to with your barbering career?

Long term I would like my own shop and to create and build a brand with a name, products, clothing etc.
Short term I want to continue to learn as much as I can and build a strong clientele.

Where is your next holiday destination once covid is lifted ?
Europe definitely. Visit my Family in Ireland for a couple of weeks and then go lay on a beach in Croatia with a few beers. 

For more information on OSAKA scissors visit their website