Tell us about yourself, your history and how you got into barbering?

My journey into barbering was a bit by chance to be honest, I was actually pursuing other career pathways when I found myself a little lost and not sure what was next and knew that I needed to find something I could always “fall back on”. That was my original thought anyway. Going on 22 at the time. I was getting a haircut myself when my barber at the time Joe and I got talking about the industry and how it really seemed like a lifestyle more then just a job.

It was from there that I enrolled myself in The Barbery Academy here in Adelaide. I very quickly changed my mindset of “this is a trade to fall back on” and instantly fell
in love with Barbering and Hair in general. My life became more about hair then anything else. I became part of a family at the academy and built some really good relationships.

I then spent 12 months training under a gentlemen Lou who guided me professionally and personally.
During that time training I put everything I had into learning and educating myself from anyone that was willing to share some knowledge, attended trade expos etc.

I was then offered a full time position within the team at Barberboys where I then built myself up in a salon environment building my clientele and profile.
Working within the team at Barberboys allowed me the chance to travel around Australia and again network with industry leaders and educator really refining my skill set more.

Upon finishing my qualification, I found that I was searching for more and wanted to experience what else the industry had to offer. I then found myself
again a bit lost, slowly loosing passion. I was working within a salon that couldn’t satisfy what I wanted to achieve as a Barber.

I then recently joined the team over at Attaboy Hair and am looking forward to moving through this current crisis to get back in the salon and putting hair on the floor.

Tell us about your style of barbering, and what kind of barber tools you use

My style is a bit of a hybrid between traditional barbering techniques and modern techniques. I was trained from very traditional barbers and learnt the bare fundamentals of
hair and how to cut hair. It was from that solid base that allowed me to go and educate myself in more modern cutting techniques and really refine and build my current skill set.
I am very big on the day that you stop learning is the day you hang up the scissors, someone will always have something to teach you and you will always have something to learn.

Tools have been something I have always received a bit of cheek about from close friends. I would say I am a bit of a tool nerd and always looking for whats going to help me
improve my work flow.

In saying that, My base arsenal is Andis Clippers, Excellent Edges scissors, YS park combs and Dyson . I find that these tools do exactly what I need them to do and I find myself always going
back to them.

What do you love about barbering?

What isn’t there to love about Barbering?
I love that it is such an expression of ones self and you can create such an impact with a haircut. You also cant beat the community, especially here in Australia.

You recently won the American Crew Oz all star challenge, what type of preparation did you take before the event?

Correct, I was also lucky enough to be a Global Winner.
As with any editorial shoot there is different types of preparation to take, with American Crew it concentrates on the haircut and model more then overall collection appeal.
I entered 3 different entries this year and the style that won was something I wanted to do as a bit of a personal expression and something completely outside of what you would
usually see within the challenge.

I spent hours visually brainstorming ideas of what I wanted to create and then found models to match that style. I think having a strong vision is important.
I spent time refining my technique and prepping but the shot that won it was actually created on the day of the shoot, I wanted to create something outside the box and organised
my model last minute and it worked out perfect. It just all came together so perfectly, Truly humbled to have been able to take out the prize and to be able to push more
of a creative vision on such a platform is amazing.

What would you say to young barbers who are aspiring to make it in the industry?

What are you waiting on? The only thing stopping you is yourself.

Hardwork, Determination, Passion

You need passion, without passion you wont have the determination to work hard and be the best you can be.
I was recently told something that has stuck with me
You’re not better than anyone and no one is better then you, we are all just ourselves.

I also think young barbers need to be open to learning and really build a strong fundamental knowledge and expanded from that, find a mentor within the industry that you
really look up to and work your ass off.

What does the future have planned?

Im here for the ride, the next 12 months I am really looking to push to the next level within the industry.
I have recently found the editorial photo shoot side as something I love doing, so I shot a collection recently that I cant wait to share and will be doing a lot more Editorial
work in the future.
I was want to push myself into education and working along side people I am inspired by in the industry and of course learn as much as I can.
Work on building up the new shop the team at Attaboy are about to open.