Long term friends and founders Daen Brown and Dan Binskin’s vision for KBP has always been clear, create a premium mens brand that’s distinctly Australian and engaged a consumer of all ages.

The finer details are always the most important to us, our tin design alone was 10 months in development to get it to a point we felt it complimented the product perfectly’. That time spent was worth it and the result was a modern product that stood alone from anything else in the global market yet felt comfortably familiar.

We were fortunate that our brand receive worldwide exposure pre-release but our key focus was AUS. The domestic market offering was so limited and heavily dominated by water soluble products and or wax products that were developed at the extreme ends of the hold scale which seriously polarized the perceptions of what ’POMADE’ is and can be. At the time we made the conscious decision that KBP’s maiden product release would challenge these limited perceptions and rather than immediately jump on the water based trend, we would take on the lesser popular yet traditionally relevant oil based category. Our hope was to educate and entice a wider consumer in offering our Original Pomade a medium hold traditional petrolatum/beeswax product that smelt amazing and was packaged in tin that could be deemed a collectors item. Thankfully the support for the brand and product exceeded expectation but of course we came up against some challenges so educating on the heritage and benefits of the product became our focus.

Dan and I both not being barbers ourselves but with long standing backgrounds in sales and product development understand that hair and product trends will peak and trough but as in fashion there will always be those faithful to a look/style and those willing to jump on the next new thing, so our primary plan for KBP is the expansion of our product line to ensure we offer something for every man. This year we added to our first release with our water soluble Premium Pomade and pre xmas release of our new Matte Pomade.

We have to thank the barbers and customers for their support and feedback as this ultimately will dictate where this brand heads in the future.