By Charles Lomu (@Lomu_fades)

Cutting men’s hair has been a hobby I’ve enjoyed and practiced for over 2 decades. I would eagerly jump at the opportunity to cut the hair of family, friends and even work colleagues. I loved how every cut presented me with a different challenge that I would have to overcome and the opportunity it gave me to grow my skill base. 

Surprisingly, I had never considered barbering as a potential career until 6 years ago when a friend introduced the idea to me. I had always been more interested in the urban style haircuts because of my admiration for a quality fade. Because of this, my focus was particularly centred around mastering the motorised barber tools. 

However as my passion for cutting men’s hair continues to evolve, I have inevitably grown an appreciation and a deeper respect for the craftsmanship around handling traditional barbering tools, in particular the scissor work. I was introduced to Leonie from Netsujou by a customer and the consultation process earned my trust and confidence in Osaka’s scissors. I have been using Osaka styling and thinning scissors (Zeta6.5, Clz7, Ym383, Yh27) for the past 4 years and I absolutely love the super sharp edges, high precision performance and the ergonomic comfort it provides. My Osaka scissors have allowed me to compliment the raw no-nonsense power of my clippers, trimmers and foil shavers with the intentional but purposeful blunt cutting and subtle texturising results that only a pair of high quality scissors could produce.

4 years ago I was offered the privilege to utilise my passion for cutting men’s hair as a platform to help at-risk young people develop positive life skills. In schools, students often associate with their peers but in the barbershop, a young person is given the opportunity to broaden their social skills and gain a skill that not only presents an amazing employment opportunity but also long term security because technology has not been able to replicate the adaptability and hands on experiences a hair stylist acquires. Last year our community barber program was fortunate to be sponsored with some Osaka scissors for the students as we are keen to help our young people understand the value of working with quality tools. We are grateful for Osaka supporting us in training up tomorrow’s generation of quality barbers.

I look forward to regularly upgrading my Osaka scissor set, which I already have done twice, as I continue to expand on my skill set and embark on a never ending journey of increased learning about one of my biggest passions in life…Barbering. 

Zeta6.5, Clz7, Ym383, Yh27

With the wide range available, feel free to consult with one of their expert staff on which Osaka scissors is best for your budget and fit for your purpose.   

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