I studied Diploma in Hairdressing and Salon Management with Headmasters academy Melbourne in 2008. It wasn’t fun doing long hair,perm and colour so I was finding ways to get away from hairdressing however i had the chance work in a  barbershop and that’s where I fell in love with short hair. I am doing short hair since 2009 and its not a job for me anymore. It’s my hobby,passion and everything. I am specialising in short hair and 99% of my clients come to me asking for a zero fade. It took me nearly one year to do a proper fade. I was working in a barbershop where I had some awesome clients believe in me and let me try anything I wanted to do. I am self taught so I went through lots of YouTube videos at the start and try them on my clients. Hard part was to find the right tools at the start I had to go through few different clippers to finish a fade. Studied all best barbers work on Instagram and practice everyday. With the time and experience I have found my right tools now. I am in love with “Wahl” brand. Wahl Legends clippers is my go to clipper. You never finish learning in this industry. You got to try new techniques and innovative with your work. Versatility is the key to me. You can’t stick on one haircut cause hair trends changing all the time. I think most trends are coming from Europe nowadays. Soccer is huge influential in trending new styles. It’s the most popular sport in the world and big players setting the trends.  Heavy blend blurry fade with long hair on top, that’s my favourite cut these days.. I use Hanz de Fuko (quicksand) product to style this style. But classic styles like this never gets old. I use Layrite or Reuzel pomade to get classic side part or slick back. For the last six months I am being doing Barber workshops on how to do a proper fades for the beginners and hairdressers/barbers. It is very rewarding sharing your passion with someone who wants to get better at their haircuts cause I learnt the hard way.  I am glad I got bit of a following on my Instagram @iranthebarber where I post most of my work. I have done few celebrity clients like Ruby Rose, Blackstreet and got few regular clients from AFL .

It doesn’t matter how good you are or how many followers you got on Instagram or how many celebrities you have done, consistency is the key. You only good as your last haircut.. Bookings for haircuts and workshops message me on mobile 0431620571 or email Iranperera@ gmail.com