Ebony @dapperdomain

Osaka CLZ

Ebony owns and solely operates Dapper Domain Barber Truck. She has been in hairdressing/barbering for 10 years and operating her own Barber business for three years now. She decided to transition into barbering because it allowed more opportunities to be creative with every haircut. The freedom to experiment with different techniques has always been a driving point for Ebony. “I couldn’t do what I do without my Osaka CLZ scissors. I use them primarily as an all rounder but I noticed their true ability when I’m doing precision cutting. The weight is evenly distributed allowing more control and limiting any injuries that can be acquired within this type of work.”

Josh Stewart  @joshuastewarthair

Osaka MT

Relatively new to the Australian barber scene, Joshua Stewart is already making his mark. Cutting out of Uniform Barbershop in the central coast’s relaxed CBD, Gosford. His passion for hair, the ocean and human performance bring a freshness to the industry. “Osaka have been looking after my scissor game from the beginning.  The Osaka MT is my go to in the arsenal, a superb all rounder that never fails to provide a clean finish”

Quan Le @barber_qle

Osaka Zeta
Osaka CXS
Osaka MT

Q’s love for Barbering started 7 years ago, having been given a ‘Fade’ haircut at his local Barbershop. Enrolling as a Hairdresser, he quickly secured a junior position at a Barbershop and started working to develop his clippering and track skills. Wanting more, Q then focussed on developing his scissor work. “It is such an amazing feeling holding a great shear in my hand and producing amazing work with them.”

Q was introduced to Osaka scissors in 2019 and is now the proud owner of three models. “They work effectively with developing my own style of look, incorporating fading, slicing and point cutting to produce a blend of smoothness with texture.” Q is now fully qualified and Working at Crooners Barbershop (Ashgrove, Brisbane).