If anything can prove that beards are still in fashion it is the launch and respective popularity of new beard balms across the men’s grooming board.

However the man behind his homegrown hirsute accessory has changed from the unkempt hipster, to the suave gentleman. A top quality beard balm, such as Captain Fawcett’s latest or that of new Australian brand Burly Fellow, is the perfect product for a beard as it both conditions and styles your pride and joy. If you care for yourself and loved ones, you should already be using beard oil to smooth your bristles, and a beard balm now gives you the opportunity to make your soft beard firmer.

Whenever I speak to a new barbershop I find that they are often overwhelmed with the sheer number of professional products out there. Of course there are some magical brands like Layrite, whose reputation and high quality make choosing a range simple. For the most part however, I recommend thinking about what look and vibe you want your clients to see and feel. Do you want your punters to feel as though they have stepped back in time to when barber shops were full of whisky, timber and tobacco? Or are you catering for the more modern and polished gentleman? Perhaps the rockabilly 50’s is what you are aiming for? Regardless of your personal barber shop style, there will always be a premium brand that will perfectly cater to you and your valued clientele.