Barberman Dan opened the shop in 2010 at St Peters above a hotrod garage. But after scouting out a hole on the wall on King Street, Newtown, Hawleywoods was established.

On stepping inside, you’re immediately taken back in time. The old magazines littered along the waiting bench and the ‘40s vibe of the shop, the music and dress code take you to when the barbershop was a sanctuary for men to come get a cut, a shave, or even just to shoot the breeze.

Gentlemen only: the first rule of Hawleywoods. No need to feel uneasy or self conscious about how the rest of the world views you until you leave the shop looking ready to tackle it. Being an exclusive barber shop, nothing is off limits, whether it be car, bikes or babes; what’s discussed at this barbershop, stays at this barbershop.

Walking into the shop, the walls are adorned with currency collected from around the world, as well as tattoo flash done by local artists. This shop definitely gives back to the community as much as it puts in. You can see and feel the pulse the shop has from the second you and your scrffy hair do walk in, ‘til you and your high faded pompador leave. It really is a shop for guys who believe in a simpler time when service, class and expertise spoke the loudest.

The service is only one aspect found at Hawleywoods. It is very much focused on creating the ideal haircut, with just as much time spent combing up and quoffing as any other part of the cut. There are no cutting corners (pun intended), and there are no excuses. If the boys at Hawleywoods can’t get your head looking slick and suave, then it’s a plastic surgeon you may be looking for, not a barbershop. From beard trims to face shaves, the boys do it all. The barbers here provide the high-class service, including a hot towel at the end of every haircut. It is best to make a booking. Shop hours run from 10am-7pm most weekdays. The later times quickly book up, so call ahead to secure your spot.

You will be blown back by this Sydney barbershop, Newtown’s own Delorian, taking you back to the past. As soon as you leave you will be counting down the days to get back in that chair. Just remember to leave the lady at home; gentlemen only.

432 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9557 6290