Guys Grooming was born out of a need for men to have their own comfortable environment to enjoy expert grooming with fantastic service. Nathan Ahern and Leycester Cory had a taste of what service and style for men looked like in Europe and knew that Australian men were missing out. Too many businesses in this industry were focusing on women or only offering men an abbreviated or unisex service.

With a background in service and business, these great mates decided to create the ultimate grooming experience from scratch, to cater for the growing male grooming market.

‘We focused on the whole grooming experience, not just the hair. Men’s skin, body and hair all need attention and everyone has a different focus, so why not cater for all the important parts of grooming.’

‘We were also conscious that we needed to cater for all men, not just the corporate business man and early adopters but also the students, the tradesmen and the retirees.’

‘There seems to be mixed messages in the barber industry.  Some see the barber as a cheap, quick, no nonsense fix to the annoying problem of hair growing, while others look forward to their visit and can see value in the time and care taken by their barber. As a business. we needed to reinforce the point that presentation is important, great hair skills are highly valued and take years to learn, and that the end result is something that will reflect the clients personality and confidence.’

Nathan and Leycester focus on all aspects of the business every day of the year, but put special emphasis on customer service, quality control, operational systems and presentation. If you look after the main pillars of the business then it supports the rest.

Recently awarded the City of Perth Customer service award and AHIA Barber Business of the year; Guys Grooming has achieved these accolades by striving to deliver great grooming with exceptional service on a daily basis. Clients need consistency and reliability. If they can rely on you every day of the year then why would they go anywhere else?

Guys Grooming remains unique in that it is completely focused on men and committed to grooming in the true sense of the word.

844/848 Hay St, Perth WA 6000
 (08) 9226 3022