Gothenburg Food Trucks are a street food company with a love for the street. With an ambition to spread the love of good food, gastronomic competence and raw street food culture. with the Street food culture being one of the largest growing food trends in the world, Björn tells us more.

Hi Björn, tell us about yourself, your business partners, your history and the turn of events that made your trucks happen? I’m a chef with 22 years’ worth of experience, picking up my skills in a wide variety of restaurants and kitchens in and around Gothenburg – everything from Michelin-starred places to helping out with friends’ projects.

On the trucks, I’m working with my friend Jimmy, an entrepreneur and business genius with a fantastic palate and passion for good food, and his sister Petra who’s started her brilliant career here.

Last year Gothenburg passed a directive making it easier for food trucks to go into business, which kickstarted things for a lot of people. Straight away, though, it was a real success, so we knew that we were onto something special.

Tell us about your truck, and your business model and the kind of food you serve? The truck is a Citroen H, 1956, originally from Lyon and renovated to our specifications in England (Manchester).

Our business model is to sell delicious food to the good people of Gothenburg – it’s as simple as that. We’re always listening to what people want. We do have a lot of ideas for themes, which we’re always developing – you can read about them on our website, At present, we’ve been serving umami burgers. Every now and again we blend another theme – Frenchie, Little Italy, Korean tacos – in for flavour inspiration. But it’s been burgers so far.

Like the other food trucks in town, we get a lot of people coming to us for lunch who are quite well-known. But this is Gothenburg. We treat everyone the same here, they’re all VIPs.

What does the future have planned? More trucks! More food and more themes. We’re also writing a book at the moment which we’re really excited about – it’s a labour of love but it’s coming together beautifully. We have the recipes, we’re getting the photos and the design together, we’re working with people who are really enthusiastic and love food.  We will also be opening our own food court outside Gothenburg’s biggest shopping centre, Nordstan which will consist of 3 of our trucks, Umami Burger, Coreanos and Bun Bun a Bahn Mai concepts. Images courtesy of Paul Wennerholm