Gentleman Jones is a traditional Barber shop & whiskey bar. At Gentleman Jones they pride themselves on maintaining traditional tonsorial techniques with the touches of class and dash of contemporary. one would expect from a Gentlemen’s club and Barber.

The combination of a love for historical antiques and a passion for barbering brought the latest Gentleman Jones Barber Shop and Whiskey Bar to light in February this year. With 28 years in the industry, both in practice and in teaching, hairdressing and barbering owners, Cassandra and Stephen Jones opened their newest venture earlier this year.

As is almost expected of a barber shop, collections line the mahogany library shelves of the store displayed to draw attention, create interest and tell a story. Conversation pieces in the form of barber shop collections.

And one could be forgiven for thinking they have collections of collections… ranging from vintage pipes, to the usual hand clippers. These two sentimental exhibits began with memories of their grandfathers, frequenting their local barbers, and coming back smelling of bay rum and tobacco and the largest of yarns to share.

The initial hand carved ‘lions head’ tobacco pipe dates back 3 generations belonging to the owners grandfather.

The antique toy collection is a little left of centre for a barber shop but none the less never ceases to invoke amusement from young and old. From creepy clapping monkeys to old school tin wind up cars stacked up beside 1920’s children’s books, this collection appears to be a favourite amongst patrons that started with a family heirloom toy.

Other collections they display also date back to family heritage with both Cassandra and Stephens fathers being publicans over the years in little country pubs, some in Australia and some back in England where the Jones family migrated from.  These collections are on the practical side and include vintage crystal whiskey decanters and bar hotel bottles that they not only use to line their whiskey bar, but to serve their various ranges of aged and often ‘odd’ whiskeys from their bar. A touch of class surrounded by the relaxed atmosphere this store surrounds have created. Of course the usual suspects can be found here too, with old signs dotting the walls and barber shop memorabilia in every corner.

Their pride and joy and a collection that stands out as soon as you enter this old world shop is the Koken Congress Barber chairs dating from 1907. Three of these very rare, very solid oak and leather traditional Barber chairs meet you as you enter. One of these chairs is enough to invoke admiration of any of our industry peers, but to see three immaculately restored and used in the way they were intended is a thing of barbering beauty. Acquiring these chairs took a huge effort to source and locate each one, have them shipped and restored to make their way to their new home. As with all collections, they are still seeking to add more as they can source them.

The owners were adamant that matching  Koken’s were essential to the opening of the shop, to create the mood and image Gentleman Jones is now associated with. They have achieved this and so much more.