Charlie Gray is from team MENSPIRE UK, who, together with Josh Lamonaca, will be venturing to Sydney this weekend for Hair Expo Australia. MENSPIRE’s passionate approach to educating those interested in men’s styling has seen them become one of the leading male grooming brands in the UK. We spoke to Charlie ahead of his trip to Sydney about the current men’s hair landscape, what motivates him, and his favourite tools for creating on-trend looks for his clients.

 What are the main factors that you see as shaping the modern men’s hair landscape?
I think one of the main factors shaping the modern men’s landscape is social media – it has such a huge influence on our society, anybody can create a huge following by posting great content.

What are the current trends in barbering and what do you foresee as being huge in the year to come?
I think the current trend in barbering is, for sure, getting creative. For instance, on the taper of a gentleman’s haircut, incorporating a small line or re-shaping the hairline – almost Sassoon-inspired lines. Also, small signature pieces like a disconnection over the fringe area.

What are the main learnings that men’s stylists will take away from your session at Hair Expo Australia?
I think people will leave our seminar not only inspired by having seen something new, but hopefully they will have learnt at least one or two things, whether it be techniques or having gained new knowledge on the topic.

What’s the best part of your job that keeps you motivated?
The best part of my job is seeing other people grow around me, and our team being able to help people achieve what they need to get more from their career. The messages that we receive after our classes are overwhelming sometimes!

Do you have a favourite style or technique that you love doing for your clients?
I like to keep things fresh and always offer my clients something new. It’s very important to not stay stagnant in our line of work for the retention of our clients; even if it’s planting the seed for next time they come in to see you.

What are the 3 key tools or products that you couldn’t go without?
My first tool would be my scissors, which are the most important; second of all, my comb; and last but not least, a gown. With these three things, you’re set to go and anything can be achieved.

Is there anything you’re really excited about seeing or doing when you visit Sydney in June?
I’m truly excited and always open-minded about new places, especially Sydney. I have heard many wonderful things about it and am fortunate enough to be able to experience it for myself!

You can catch the MENSPIRE team at Hair Expo during their Look ‘n’ Learn Elevation Barber seminar on Sunday 11 June; as well as during their free presentations on the expo Main Stage on Saturday 10 June; and the Hair Expo Manstyle Lab stage on Saturday 10 June and Monday 12 June. The team will also be presenting a five-minute stage show at the GenNext Gala on Sunday 11 June. For more details and tickets, head to