The Espresso Martini is on trend, and it’s here to stay

The bar world, just like the cafe world, has drinks that come on trend every few years. The Espresso Martini is one of those drinks that will be hanging around as the new cool kid on the block. Its popularity is matched only by our obsession with great coffee, making the marriage between booze and espresso a bittersweet sensation. When shaken, the natural oils of coffee create a beautiful, thick crema layer, over a dark alcohol and coffee base – just like drinking Guinness in a martini glass.

There have been many interpretations of this drink, but coffee roasters are jumping with joy, because of its great ability to show off cold brew. Many bar drinks that incorporate coffee are sometimes done badly, as they are made with instant coffee, giving the drink a coffee taste per se, but not the depth of flavour that you can get from a good espresso or well prepared cold brew.

The bar industry is also very competitive with its drink menus. Production techniques and recipes of these in-house Espresso Martinis are closely guarded and as establishments are getting rated over this drink, many are reluctant to share their recipes. One company that’s taken the next step is Aurigin Coffee – a 100% Australian owned and operated company in Melbourne, with a ready-to-drink  “Espresso Martini”.

Their aim was to simplify the process for quick service at the bar, without sacrificing quality. Backed by over 45 years of experience in coffee and manufacturing, Directors Justin Metcalf and Duncan Jamieson have developed this ready-to-drink solution for retail and wholesale.

Both Justin and Duncan believe they have mastered the flavour profile of a traditional made drink from a cocktail bar. They have experimented with this product for over a year, tasting many espresso martinis in clubs, bars and restaurants in Australia and Asia.

Starting the business in 2006, Directors Justin Metcalf and Duncan Jamieson have grown into one of the largest manufacturers of coffee in Australia.Innovation is also a key ingredient in what makes Aurigin Coffee different. With Duncan being a qualified food scientist and Justin’s coffee knowledge (World Barista Judge) they are currently undertaking multiple projects to offer differences in the marketplace.

This is an exciting period for the company, as they are entering into a completely different environment – alcohol. Reintroducing a traditional drink such as the Martini brings the James Bond experience back into popular men’s culture, placing this product perfectly into the barber world by taking on the role as major sponsor of  2017 The Cutthroat Barber Wars competition.

With the growing worldwide trend of Espresso Martinis, Justin and Duncan are also concentrating their efforts in the Asian marketplace. Along with Australia’s insatiable need for a great Martini, the pair are catering to that need and working hard on ensuring a great stable product. With the Martini being a cold brew base, Justin and Duncan have been working constantly on providing a clean, hygienic and shelf stable beverage, which is vital in the safe manufacturing of this style of beverage.

Espresso Martini by “Justin Metcalf” has already received great feedback. Now ready for market, Justin and Duncan are looking forward to serving it up to the rest of Australia. Espresso Martini is available in 300ml “ready to drink” bottles and 20 litre kegs for use in pubs, bars and clubs. The “on tap” version produces amazing results, as it comes out creamy, without the need to be put in a shaker.

From yours truly, I hope this cocktail hangs around for a while, as it’s nice to be able to enjoy a favourite coffee beverage day and night.