Originating in the bars of Soho, London, the Espresso Martini has become an obsession with lovers of cocktails and coffee alike. The exact history of the Espresso Martini is not definite but one theory suggests the drink was created by cocktail guru Dick Bradsell in 1984, when a Supermodel came into and crassly asked him to make her a drink that would “wake me up, and then f@*# me up!!” and Dick’s subsequent creation was the first Espresso Martini.

The secret to a delicious martini lies in the ingredients and that means starting with excellent coffee. Developed by Coffee Experts, Justin Metcalf World Barista Judge ™ Espresso Martini is designed to retain a crisp and bright espresso flavour and perfectly blended with Vodka and a coffee liqueur. The base is a cold brew coffee, ground coffee steeped in chilled filtered to extract the bittersweet coffee flavours.

Aurigin is an innovative, passionate and professional coffee roasting company. In an ever changing and competitive coffee market we are always looking for new and exciting ways to be the best. In keeping with our philosophies on quality we have created a Cold Brew “Ready to Drink” Espresso Martini.  The 300ml bottle (8.6% Alc) is a perfect way to create two standard martinis, no mess, no fuss, yet matching, even bettering most bartender made cocktails.

Backed by over 45 years’ experience in coffee and manufacturing industries, Directors Justin Metcalf and Duncan Jamieson have developed a “Ready to Drink” solution for retail and wholesale. Both Justin and Duncan believe they have mastered the flavour profile of a traditional made drink from a cocktail bar.  Creating and roasting different coffee blends and profiles to refine the beverage was one of the key aspects to making this drink successful. Coming from a coffee background, it was imperative that the espresso foundation for the martini be unique and pure.  Free of preservatives or additives, the Espresso Martini is ready to drink, just shake and pour.

When Justin Metcalf was asked what the inspiration behind the martini, he replied “With the growing worldwide trend of Espresso Martini’s we saw an opportunity to expand our coffee and beverage range, which is very exciting. Along with Australia’s insatiable need for a great martini, we are working hard on ensuring a great stable product.”
Duncan Jamieson is a qualified food scientist –“With the martini being a cold brew base, we are constantly working on providing a clean and hygienic, shelf stable beverage. Our customers’ expectations guide our standards in taste and consistency, and our priority is on making sure that the product is food safe and stable, backed and supported by analysis. We don’t leave anything to chance.”

Our product is going to be launched early in 2017 and we are very excited by the feedback we have had so far and look forward to serving up to the Australian marketplace.

Espresso Martini is available in 300ml “Ready to Drink” bottles and 20 litre kegs (133 serves).

Espresso Martini by Justin Metcalf is the official sponsor of the 2017 Cutthroat Barber Wars.

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