Dr Snippy is a favourite location for the stylish gent in Perth. The day I visited the shop was full of blokes having a good time just killing time. And having a laugh and a few cold beers. The owner, Clint Ariti, has put a lot of energy to get the right vibe in his business, and prides himself as a skilled barber. He creates masterpieces on every client who passes by his chair. He is known well by the small rockabilly movement in WA as the style master for anything fifties in a hairstyle. He does the lot – fades, flat tops and is a master of the Cutthroat Razor. The shop does lots of shaves and is a very popular place to go as this culture is growing.

The shop itself has some pretty cool touches, like a working space invader console and black and white checkered old school flooring. The retro furniture gives the fifties feel to the design, which fits into many of the haircuts the boys deliver in the barbershop. I loved the original 1960 Blue Lady prints that adorned a few of the walls, adding that bit of old school barber touch.

I had some good conversation whilst I was there with Clint, about where he would like to see the barber industry go in Australia. He was very passionate about training and keeping tradition alive and giving young barbers the proper skills to become a style master like him with the scissors. Clint, like many other barbers around Australia, are challenged in finding enough skilled barbers, leaving him to do a lot of the jobs himself. The familiar story of putting himself personally under demand. Perth does have an unusual amount of young men with large disposable incomes wanting to look good due to the booming mining industry in the west. Barbershops are becoming the go to places for these guys, especially between work travels of fly in fly out mining shifts.

What really got me excited was the great attitude of the team at Dr Snippy. They were excited about my visit and I loved what they were doing. This is a real boys place which is getting rarer to find, but worth the effort to visit and hang out. I can’t wait to visit when I get back to Perth and jump back in the chair for a trim.

204 Hay St, Subiaco WA 6008
 (08) 9381 3590